Create Your Own Art

Transform your favorite picture into a work of art. Complete the information below and upload your photo as a jpg file (<10MB). We will email you a link to a product page containing renderings of the nail art for different sized boards and orientations. If you are satisfied with our simulated results, you can pay for the desired size and orientation so we can fabricate your custom order and ship it within a week. The prices for our 18"x24" and 20"x20" boards start at $350. Our 22"x36" boards start at $495.

A design fee is added based on the number of people on the board. There is no charge for the first person on an 18"x24" or 20"x20" board, and no charge for the first two people on a 22"x36" board. A $30 charge is applied for each additional person on the board. Standard orders are processed in 7-10 days. A $50 express fee is charged for 2-day expedited orders. 

The 18"x24" and 22"x36" boards can accommodate up to two and five people, respectively. There are approximately 10,000 and 20,000 nails on these two sizes. Try it out and see for yourself how special nail art can be. There's no obligation to buy!

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