About NailPoint Art

NailPoint Art LLC was founded in New York in 2017 to design and manufacture 3D nail art. We convert digital images into an irregular dot pattern to achieve a pointillistic effect akin to image stippling. Rather than leave the dots as ink on canvas, we replace each dot with a hammered nail to realize an innovative 3D version of pointillism. Our premium art, composed of thousands of nails, captures fine details and subtle tonality in any photograph. Our 18"x24" and 20"x20" boards consist of approximately 10,000 nails while our 22"x36" boards consist of approximately 20,000 nails. All NailPoint art is designed by hand and assembled one nail at a time with our customized hardware. We utilize digital technology and robotics to reduce production time from weeks to hours. Our goal is to make stunning customizable nail art masterpieces accessible to a growing audience of art lovers.