Museum-quality artwork at an affordable price.

Turn your photos into 3D nail art.

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Our premium art, composed of thousands of nails, captures fine details and subtle tonality in any photograph. Turn your photos into stunning wall displays that are sure to impress. Our art has been described as stunning, unique, creative, and engaging.

Explore Innovative 3D Art

Watch the art come to life as you move around it. Notice that the dots you see from a distance are actually thousands of nails that harmoniously coalesce to form the big picture. The interplay of lighting, shadows, and self-occluding nails induces different appearances across large distances and angles. The results are astounding!

Make Gift-Giving an Art

Share your favorite digital photos in a big, beautiful way by giving 3D nail art as gifts to family and friends! At NailPoint Art, you can turn family pictures, wedding photos, Bar/Bat Mitzvah portraits, and much more into stunning nail art that anyone would be proud to display in their home or office.

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